Western Maine
Pressure washing
Complete wood restoration for the homeowner. Cedar, Redwood, pressure treated pine, IPE and exotic woods. Strip, brighten and restaining.

 House washing ,Roof washing, Deck washing.
               Complete deck restorations
    Fully insured commercial and residential
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It's a fact,every homes exterior will eventually need to be cleaned or refinished. We here at Western Maine Pressure Washing are dedicated to bringing your home back to it's original state. From your roof to your foundation W.M.P.W. has you covered.  We use a low pressure method and only the highest quality cleaners and stains to insure a perfect job the first time, every time.  

Our deck refinishing, house washing and roof cleaning services are second to none. washing and or refinishing your homes exterior is an excellent and cost effective way to raise your homes value and appeal. 


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Wooden decks are our specialty,every wood sided home or wood deck needs to be maintained.

Cedar, Mahogany, Redwood, Pressure treated, Cypress and pine all act and react different .Rain , snow, shade trees and sunlight have a roll in what your wood is going to look like. some dry quicker than the others, some fade faster than the others and One thing that you can be sure of is that over time there will be some maintenance involved.

If your deck or home is getting that weathered gray look, or if you have some mold and mildew let us professionally and safely remove these unwanted sights.
First we would come to your home or deck and use our wash method that is proven to remove all dirt and other contaniments. Second,if needed we would remove all the old stain getting right down to bare wood. We would sand all surfaces to insure there is no fuzz. replace or re anchor all nails and screws and then apply one or two coats of a superior stain/sealer to insure years of shine.

All homes are different and we understand this. whats going on at your neighbors house may not be happening at yours. thats why we address the needs of the individual homeowner.

We have a complete mobile setup with all the right tools and know how to do the job right the first time
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