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Your Trusted Local Power Washing Professionals

Since 2012, we at Western Maine Pressure Washing have provided residential and commercial pressure washing services in and around the Portland area.

We promise to deliver quality work at a competitive price. And indeed, when it comes to maintaining your home or business, you should ensure that it gets only the HIGHEST-quality work possible.

For that reason, you can always rely on your local pressure washing experts! We can help to keep your home or business in top shape thanks to our variety of pressure washing services: everything from roof cleaning to deck cleaning and everything in between.

Your home or business is the most important investment you’ll make, and such an investment deserves only the best work you can provide it. And quality power washing from our experienced pressure washing experts is just about the BEST work there is!

residential roof cleaning

Residential Roof Cleaning

We can knock away all the unsightly and UNHEALTHY growths that develop on your home’s exterior thanks to our thorough roof cleaning service. We can also keep your windows and decks looking great with a thorough cleaning.

On top of all that (quite literally!), we can keep your roof in the most beautiful and (more than that) the SAFEST condition possible with our thorough roof cleaning service!

Your home is important to you -- and keeping it looking great and functioning like a dream is important to us. So, with our local roof cleaning experts, you can be sure that your home will remain in nothing short of the best shape possible for YEARS to come!

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concrete pressure washing

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

We will get your concrete looking like brand new again in no time flat thanks to our thorough concrete washing service! With a concrete pressure washing, we’ll help to get your concrete looking its absolute best again, helping to regain its beauty and value!

Concrete can be one of the best additions to ANY property -- but only if it’s in beautiful shape. Should your concrete be in any shape less than that, don’t hesitate to call on our local pressure washing company for a quick, quality concrete cleaning!

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commercial exterior cleaning

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

If your business’s storefront is looking less than exactly that inviting, then do NOT hesitate to call on our pressure washing experts TODAY for a thorough commercial exterior cleaning!

Your business should be profitable so that your life can be comfortable. And to help make your business as profitable as can be, call us to ensure that it is as beautiful as can be so that it can draw in all the customers and business you need!

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multi-unit exterior cleaning

Multi Unit Exterior Cleaning

If the upkeep required to ensure your many commercial units remain looking good is frustrating to you, then stop dealing with the frustration! Instead, just call up your local pressure washing professionals for a multi-unit cleaning, and we’ll handle that frustrating work for you!

With our multi-unit-cleaning service, we can keep all of your apartment buildings and offices in the most beautiful condition possible -- saving you the time and headache required to address those units individually.

It can be quite an overwhelming task keeping up with multiple commercial units yourself. So don’t try to handle the work alone. Instead, call us for our multi-unit cleaning service, we can keep your commercial units in quality shape FOR you!

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Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Experts?

You should call our pressure washing company for a variety of reasons. For one, we offer MANY great pressure washing services to help keep your residential and commercial properties looking great.

For another, we have the experience to promise you only the highest-quality work possible. You don’t want an inexperienced person shooting high-pressure water at your property, do you? Certainly not! So call on us, and rest assured knowing that high-pressure water and your property are in good hands!

We are your pressure washing specialists. We take pride in our work, and we provide a variety of services to help keep your property -- residential or commercial -- in great shape.

Whether you own a home or a business, you’ll want to keep that property in the best condition possible. And with the quality pressure washing work provided by the our pressure washing specialists, the best condition possible is the ONLY condition you can expect!

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If you are looking for pressure washing & exterior cleaning then please call 207-347-1334 or complete our online request form.