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Services Of Our Local Pressure Washing Professionals

One of the most important components of your home or business to keep up with also happens to be one of the LARGEST: its exterior. This combination can make for a very frustrating time indeed when it comes time to get that exterior cleaned up.

What ISN’T frustrating, though, is calling on Western Maine Pressure Washing when that time comes! With our experience and variety of services, our local pressure washing specialists can get the outside of your home or business looking great thanks to our variety of pressure washing services!

Roof Cleaning

roof pressure washing

Your roof is a large and vital component that makes up your home or business. Unfortunately, it’s also constantly exposed to the elements, and this constant exposure can get it looking pretty bad over time. If your roof is looking bad, don’t pop your top. Instead, just call up your local experts at Western Maine Pressure Washing for a low-pressure roof cleaning!

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Deck Cleaning

deck pressure cleaning

A deck provides you with a perfect spot to relax right in your backyard. Unfortunately, a deck is also CONSTANTLY exposed to the elements -- and when those elements leave your deck stained and covered in algae, you might have a hard time getting in ANY relaxation on it. If your deck has been reduced to such a condition, don’t hesitate to call on Western Maine Pressure Washing today!

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Pressure Washing

brick driveway pressure washing

The outside of your home or business provides all the passers-by in the world with a strong impression of you. But since the outside of your property is constantly exposed to the elements, it can get to looking pretty bad after the rain and all else have battered away at it for long enough. If your property is in the kind of shape that only gives off a BAD impression, call up Western Maine Pressure Washing for a thorough pressure washing that’ll blast the mess away!

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Window Washing

window cleaning

Your windows do more than simply let in a little sunlight. They also provide your home with a little extra insulation, thus helping to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Since your windows are so useful, you need to provide them with quality work to help them function reliably for years to come. And some of the best work you can give  your windows is a thorough washing from Western Maine Pressure Washing!

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Gutter Cleaning

gutters being pressure washed

Your gutters perform an important function: helping to keep the water away from your building’s foundation, thus helping to prevent structural damages. If your gutters have become clogged, then they won’t be able to perform that function. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to call up your local experts at Western Maine Pressure Washing for a thorough gutter cleaning!

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Multi-unit Cleaning

clean multi-unit properties

Do you own an apartment or office complex? If you do, then you might dread the thought of  having to keep the units in that complex looking good. Luckily, you don’t have to stress over this chore! Instead, you can simply call on your local pressure washing experts at Western Maine Pressure Washing to provide you with a quality multi-unit cleaning service!

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Commercial Exterior Cleaning

clean commercial exteriors

If you own a business, then you might be aware of just how important appearances are for maintaining a successful business. Unfortunately, the exterior of your business isn’t always easy to keep looking good since the elements beat away at it day and night. FORTUNATELY, if your business is looking pretty bad these days, you can simply call on Western Maine Pressure Washing for a commercial exterior cleaning!

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